Dakota Capital Whole Life Insurance Overview

Frontier Whole Life Series™

What is Whole Life Insurance?

Whole life insurance is a type of permanent insurance that doesn’t expire and provides coverage over your whole lifetime. The policy accumulates cash value over time that you can use while you’re living for different things. We offer competitive 10-year or 20-year payment plans. Whichever option you choose, your premiums will never increase.

Lifetime Protection, Limited Premium Payments

Dakota Capital lets you keep your coverage and only pay premiums for 10 or 20 years. Your premium will never increase or change. The benefit is available at the time of issue and will be there as long as you make your payments. Once you’ve completed your payments, the coverage is available for the rest of your lifetime and doesn’t expire.

Lump Sum Payment

We pay your beneficiaries in a lump sum. This money can be used to ease the financial burden of loss. There are no restrictions on how the money is used.


Cash Value

A whole life policy provides a living benefit, and accumulates a cash value that you can access. It’s important to note that policy loans and withdrawals will reduce your policy’s cash value and death benefit.

Frontier™ Traditional Whole Life

  • Applications are safe, secure, and simple
  • Anyone from birth to age 80 is eligible. No medical exam is required if you’re under 70
  • Policy builds cash value
  • Payments to suit your budget
  • Policies start with a face value of $25,000
  • You decide your payment option for limited premium payments (10 or 20 years)
  • Rates will never increase as long as you make your payments
  • Accidental Death Rider also available

Frontier™ Senior Whole Life

  • Protection to $35,000 available (as low as $62 per month).
  • Age 55 to 80 eligible to apply. No medical exam required under age 70.
  • Choose the payment option for limited premium payments (10 or 20 years).
  • Face amount of $10,000 to $35,000 for ages 55 to 80 that can be used for final expenses or any other financial needs you may have.
  • Full face amount available at issue, no graded benefit. Your benefit is available from day 1.
  • Policy builds cash value.
  • Payments to fit your budget.
  • Rates can never be increased.

Frontier™ Juvenile Whole Life

  • You choose payment option for limited premium payments (10 or 20 years)
  • Give the gift that lasts a lifetime by providing a child with lifelong protection
  • Policy builds cash value
  • Payments to suit your budget
  • Rates won’t increase
  • Great for parents and grandparents to have peace of mind
  • Policies start with a face value of $25,000
  • Accidental Death Rider available

Accumulator Whole Life

  • Combines cash-value life insurance benefits with a tax-deferred annuity

  • Attractive interest rate exceeds what you can get from a bank — Currently 4.0%

  • Life insurance benefit with a guaranteed savings plan

  • Tax-deferred accumulation of wealth

  • Premiums paid for a limited time — Once fully paid, premiums go entirely into annuity

  • Increases assets for retirement

Getting Set Up is Simple & Affordable

Apply in minutes. You’ll be surprised just how affordable and comprehensive Dakota Capital insurance is.

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