Change Your Family’s Future With One Investment

US Alliance Insurance

Change Your Family’s Future With One Investment

Getting Started With Dakota Capital

I want insurance that protects myself or a family member.

Find out how you can protect yourself financially from an unexpected loss.

I own a business and want protection for my employees.

 Find out how you can protect, recruit, and retain employees – your most valuable assets.

I am a life insurance producer, benefits provider, or funeral home.

Find out how you can work with Dakota Capital, and discover our products and great personal service.

Insurance For Every Situation

Family Insurance

Life Insurance

Maintain your lifestyle

Whether you need coverage over the short term or for a lifetime, we have a variety of policies to suit you. Customized for your budget, selecting the right policy has never been easier. Dakota Capital can help.

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Group Insurance

Group insurance

Customized employee benefits

Whether you want to attract the best talent from high school, vocational school or college, or you want to provide baby boomers the security they value and need, working with Dakota Capital means you can tailor your plan.

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pre need insurance

Pre-need insurance

Planning for peace of mind

Don’t leave your loved ones with difficult decisions to make after their loss, as it often leads to quick and expensive decisions when they don’t know your wishes. Find out how we can help.

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critical illness insurance

Critical illness insurance

Coverage for medical emergencies

Receive lump sum payments up to $50,000 if you are diagnosed with cancer, have a heart attack, stroke, or suffer one of 13 other medical emergencies – and you choose how to spend the money.

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income insurance

Income insurance

Guaranteed income for life

A steady income can allow you to enjoy retirement and maintain the lifestyle you have built, without the fear of outliving your money.

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Don’t know what insurance you need or have a question?

We’re here to help. We love answering your questions and finding what is best for you and your family needs. Call at 1-844-281-8245.

life insurance

Our life insurance products are customized to suit you.

Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter plan. Tailor your policy to fit exactly what you need. No matter what type or amount of insurance you need, Dakota Capital is here! If you have questions, our team is on hand to help.

The best customer service in the midwest

Why Choose Dakota Capital?

Dakota Capital provides exemplary service. When you call, you speak to a real person who can handle your needs. You can talk freely to our team without feeling pressured to buy. We pride ourselves on working for you and we take the time to answer every question you have. We don’t have robots, and we don’t have scripted responses. What we have is great service.

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