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Deposits starting at $10,000

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Benefits Of Choosing An Annuity

In the US, we face a number of threats to our financial security, including:

Longer life expectancies

Increasing costs of healthcare

Market fluctuations

Lack of reliable sources of income

An annuity can be a source of income that’s guaranteed for life. It can also help you maintain your existing standard of living and mean you can have the retirement lifestyle you want.

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Grow Your Money – Guaranteed


An annuity both protects and grows your investment so you don’t need to worry about stock market volatility.

Benefits Of A Dakota Capital Annuity

No fees

No maintenance or service fees.

Flexible premiums

Optional additional deposits, $250 & up.

Withdraw up to 10% annually

10% free withdrawals allowed each year following your first policy year.

Protect your principal from market fluctuations

Sit out the wild stock market ride.

Fixed interest growth

Fixed, annual reset.

Tax deferral

Non-Qualified & Traditional IRA.

Predictable guaranteed lifetime income

1% guaranteed minimum, no matter what.

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Why Choose Dakota Capital For Your Annuity? 

Competitive costs

We may be able to save you money compared to other providers.

Speak to a local, experienced team

Our team of licensed annuity experts can help you with affordable solutions to suit you.

Signing up is as easy as pie

No lengthy, time-consuming paperwork.

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2. Apply in minutes

Once you receive your quote, we are ready to help. Our team will ask you some simple questions to complete your application. Our goal is to provide you with as much support as you want.

3. Start your coverage

That’s it! You can focus on your life’s priorities knowing you are covered and have a direct line to your team. At Dakota Capital, we are here to help you through the process of getting the coverage you need and your family deserves.

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