Children’s Term Life Insurance from Dakota Capital

Little Missouri Juvenile Series™

What is Children’s Term Life Insurance?

Children’s term life insurance, also called juvenile insurance, is an investment in your child’s future. As parents and grandparents, you focus on providing love, food, shelter, and security to your children and grandchildren.

As you do what you can to build a brighter future for your children and grandchildren, you can give them a life insurance policy – a terrific gift that can give them a financial head start on their journey through life.

Why Buy A Children’s Term Life Insurance Policy?

Now is always a good time to get that peace of mind of knowing that your children are covered through their 25th birthday, should something tragic occur. As your child or grandchild becomes an adult, you can convert the policy to provide lifelong protection with no questions asked, double the coverage, and build cash value. 

Single Premium Payment

Our children’s term life insurance policy is available with only a single premium payment. Regardless of their age, a $10,000 policy is $200 and a $20,000 policy is $400. You can rest assured that you have planned for your child or grandchild’s future, and you’re helping protect it. Our children’s life insurance policy can be written from birth to age 16.

How Long Does the Policy Last?

Your policy will cover your child or grandchild until they are 25. You can then convert the policy to a permanent policy, regardless of any medical issues. This converted coverage is permanent and also builds cash value within the policy.

What is a Converted Policy?

Converting a children’s life insurance policy means the children’s policy becomes a whole life policy. This can increase the coverage to double the original face amount – without a medical exam.

Easy Application Process

Our application has limited medical questions and a medical exam isn’t required. Once we receive your application, it will be processed quickly and we can typically issue an approved policy within days.