September 2015 Shareholder Report

A word from the president —
Since you became a shareholder in Northern Plains Capital, a lot has been happening behind the scenes to strengthen our company and make your investment grow.

As a shareholder, you’re an important part of this North Dakota-based financial holding company with the goal of reducing the amount of capital leaving our state. Northern Plains Capital, has more than 1,400 shareholders across the state of North Dakota.
We delivered strong results for the fiscal year 2014. Revenue grew to a record $960,156 from our initial product, the Dakota Capital Life Accumulator. The Accumulator life insurance product has provided over $31 million in life insurance coverage across the state of North Dakota.
To position Northern Plains Capital and Dakota Capital Life Insurance for the next phase in our business development, we will soon launch fourteen new life insurance products. Our new annuity and Juvenile product have been approved by the North Dakota Insurance Department, and we anticipate the rest will be approved soon.

Our full range of products will include.
The Accumulator Our initial product that combines life insurance protection with a tax deferred annuity

Group life with short and long term disability

This will allow us to serve business owners in the state of North Dakota, and allow them to protect their workers from loss of life or replace their income in the event they become disabled
Whole life
Products which offer flexible solutions for permanent insurance coverage
Allows people to earn an attractive rate on their money while it grows on a tax deferred basis
For funeral pre-planning
For parents and grandparents to purchase protection and build cash value for children
Term life
Large face amount policies to protect ND families and business owners

Thank you for your continued investment in North Dakota and your support of Northern Plains Capital. We look forward to sharing future updates with you as we enter a new phase of opportunity and an incredible future!
Rod Holth, President

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