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Post Date: Jan 30 2017
Reflecting back on 2016, Dakota Capital Life has made many changes.  We have a new President, Bill Leier who was appointed last March.  We rolled out our new Simplified Issue Term Product to help meet the needs of North Dakotan’s.  We have a new downtown location for our office, we are located at 107 West Main Ave., Suite 325 in Bismarck.  We have also incorporated independent agents who can distribute our products all across the state.

Dakota Capital Life had informative booths at events in the Bismarck/Mandan area in 2016; we are always looking for opportunities to be a part of our great communities.  We are striving to get our name out there and for people to start talking more about Dakota Capital Life and what we have to offer.  We are looking forward to the year ahead and are excited to see the continued growth and opportunities in North Dakota.

Why Don't You?
According to an article on lifehappens.org, there are six reasons why people don’t buy life insurance & why they are wrong.WhoNeeds.jpg
  1. It’s too expensive.  Did you know you can get a good policy for less than a cost of daily cup of coffee at the local café?
  2. That’s that stuff for babies and old people, right?  The truth is there are many insurance products for any age.
  3. I’m strong and healthy!  When you’re at your strongest and healthiest there’s no better time to get a policy to protect your loved ones.  If you fall seriously ill or suffer significant injury later, it will make it tougher to get that kind of policy, if any at all.
  4. I have life insurance through my job.  Often times group life policies provided are only up to $50,000 which might not cover all of your needs, also if you leave your job, you might not be able to take it with you.
  5. I don’t have kids.  If there is anyone in your life who depends on you and would suffer financially from your loss, such as your spouse or even your parents-a life insurance policy goes along way in making sure everyone’s still OK even if something happens to you.
  6. Life insurance-it’s on my list…eventually.  Don’t let your “eventually” turn into your loved ones ‘if only’.
Here is the link to the full article:

Capital.jpg48 Agents in 20 Communities Across North Dakota! 
We have 48 qualified agents in 20 communities across the state helping North Dakotan’s overcome these obstacles; here is where you can find our experts.

Dakota Community Bank has agents appointed with us in the following locations: Bismarck, Hebron, Dickinson, and Mandan
Ihry Insurance has agents appointed with us in the following locations: Devils Lake, McVille, Hope, Towner, & West Fargo
Western Frontier Insurance Agency has agents appointed with us in the following locations: Bowman, Washburn, & Hazen
Citizens State Insurance Agency has agents appointed with us in Finley 
Martinson Insurance Agency has an agent appointed with us West Fargo
Piper Tax Services has agents appointed with us in Casselton
Lincoln State Bank has agents appointed with us in Hankinson
Webber Insurance has an agent appointed with us in Casselton
Cottingham Insurance has agents appointed with us in Underwood & Bismarck
Frey Insurance has agents appointed with us in Harvey
Senior Assets Preservation Services has agents appointed with us in Stanley
Walock-Johnson Insurance has an agent appointed with us in Lisbon

Northern Plains Capital
For Northern Plains Capital, we added in several new shareholders.  We had a great meeting with the board of directors this month and are excited to 
see what this year brings.

Annual Shareholder Meeting 2017
Our annual shareholder meeting has been scheduled for June 20th out at Apple Creek Country Club.  We will update you with more information on the event as it gets closer.

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